With360 Comz Voiceyou can make affordable VoIP calls to any telephone number in the world.

Rolling CallTime

Any unused CallTime rolls over for 3 months, so you can bank your CallTime and use it later.

Keep your Geographic Number

360 Comz Voice is a cloud-hosted service, that allows you to port your current Geographic Telephone Number to us and take it with you anywhere in the world

Free calls

Make free calls to anyone or any number on the 360 Communication Systems Voice Network, anywhere in the world.

Zero Landline Fees

In comparison to traditional landline providers, our voice offering has no monthly line or rental fees.

Voicepricing table

Voice Starter 50 Minutes R58.00/mo Order Now
Voice Home 100 Minutes R114.00/mo Order Now
Voice Small Business 300 Minutes R300.00/mo Order Now
Voice Pro 500 Minutes R500.00/mo Order Now
Line Porting COST ORDER
Port your existing Telkom Line R365.00/ ONCE OFF Order Now